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Current events in 41 International

Events as they happen:

2014-11-18: The 41 International Directory for 2014/15 is now available as PDF!

2014-11-15: The november edition of the Communique is here.

2014-11-05: More images from the HYM meeting in New Zealand collected here :-)

2014-11-01: The HYM meeting in Blenheim, NZ has finished and the banner exchange is in progress, here with president Carsten to the left (photo from Old Tablers Sweden IRO Jan Karlsson, 2:nd from the right, thanks!)

2014-10-11: This saturday the Celebration of Life Service was held for our archivist Vaughan Harris. The 41 International board was represented by Past President Christoph Haenssler and Hinge editor Andy Waite.

With a few of Christophs words from the service: "Vaughan has been part of our team - the international board and its managers - he has not been a big and long speaker - as some of us - but when he raised his hand to say something, it was always very substantial and he most of the times asked the right questions! We, the 41 International board will miss him, his humor and his for me - quite typical British way - of reminding us with subtle remarks that we might be wrong!"

Photo collage at the "Celebration of Life Service":

2014-10-09: We greet the first issue of the Hinge produced by our new editor Andy Waite with a big hurray! Finally it's here, 37 PDF-pages with plenty of pictures and more - get it on the Hinge Magazine page.

2014-10-01: Just five days ago we heard about our archivist Vaughan Harris cancer and sent him our thoughts. Today he is gone, so terribly sad. May the hinges of friendship still reach him, wherever he is. Rest in peace dear friend.

2014-09-27: Our president Carsten attended the AGM in Romania and addressed the meeting.

41 Communique September2014-08-29:
As seen in the top right corner there are 41 Communique:s published each month - even during the summer. Have a look at them by downloading the PDF file :-)

A set of AGM images turned into a movie - have a look!

The AGM continued with the formal meeting and banquette during Saturday - more selected images!

The AGM continues - images from the registration and happy guests at the Friday dinner! And 195 images (!) from Torben Wiinholt! :-)

Images from the AGM 2014 in Korsør - on location in Denmark, and kissing on the beach!

The "Gearing up" article from the AGM is extended with travel photos from Mr. Beckman, Mrs. De Jonge and Mr. McKay :-)

The final preparations for the 41 International AGM in Korsør, Denmark is made by Carsten and Peter - more web coverage will be presented here during the AGM from 2:nd to 4:th of May, 2014.


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