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2014-08-29:41 Communique September
As seen in the top right corner there are 41 Communique:s published each month - even during the summer. Have a look at them by downloading the PDF file :-)

A set of AGM images turned into a movie - have a look!

The AGM continued with the formal meeting and banquette during Saturday - more selected images!

The AGM continues - images from the registration and happy guests at the Friday dinner! And 195 images (!) from Torben Wiinholt! :-)

Images from the AGM 2014 in Korsør - on location in Denmark, and kissing on the beach!

The "Gearing up" article from the AGM is extended with travel photos from Mr. Beckman, Mrs. De Jonge and Mr. McKay :-)

The final preparations for the 41 International AGM in Korsør, Denmark is made by Carsten and Peter - more web coverage will be presented here during the AGM from 2:nd to 4:th of May, 2014.

2014-01-29:Morocco 41 President Mohamed Nasri
It is with profound sorrow that we record the sudden demise of 41 Morocco President Mohamed Nasri. 41 Board members and 41 family across the globe deeply mourn the loss of a good friend and fellow 41er.

Please send both a thought and help to the Philippines - read the letter above from International President Christoph Haenssler.

The minutes of the AGM is now available under Documents thanks to Dr. Sid! :-)

2013-10-25 - 26:
Have a look at the reports from the HYM 2013 meeting at Örenäs castle, Sweden, with live reports from friday and saturday.

Received a DVD from Dr. Sid with the presentation movie with many international glimpses shown at the Interlaken AGM, now You can play it from YouTube!

The October edition if The Hinge from Dr. Dixon has been published, download here.

Check out the ring tone La La La here!

The next meetings to book include:
+ HYM 2013 at Orenas Castle, Sweden, October 2013 ->
+ AGM 2014 in Korsor, Denmark, April 2014 ->
+ HYM 2014 in Blenheim, New Zealand, Oct-Nov 2014 ->
Start Your planning NOW! :-)

We are in the middle of the AGM season for our associations, have a look at the Events page and check the association home pages for the latest news.

The wonderful AGM in Interlaken is over - thanks a lot - and we look forward to the HYM at Örenäs, Sweden on the 25-27 of October.

The AGM in Interlaken is about to start

Gearing up for AGM: Many members know that the best experiences are on the International arena. Visiting the AGM in Interlaken, Switzerland during the weekend of 26-28:th of April 2013 will prove them right. Have a look at the AGM site.

New Hinge edition: Today the April edition of The Hinge was published, head over to The Hinge page for 13 PDF pages of articles and news.
Thanks Dr. Tembo and all contributors!

Web moved to Sweden: After several years of "accomodation" for the 41 International web services at a Finnish web hotel, everything was moved to eldata in Sweden. The company that happens to belong to the webmaster host the site at no cost. "Related domains" on the same servers are RT International, Round Table Sweden, Ladies Circle Sweden, Old Tablers Sweden and Tangent Sweden.

More names for dear friends: The 41 International web has been using the domain for several years. Late in 2012 the domain expired from the previous owner and we where able to grab it. Now You can use as well as for both email and web. They are completely synonymous.


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