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2015-03-22: Spring is early - the April Communique is already here! :-)

2015-02-28: The March Communique has arrived.

2015-02-07: More meeting then lunch with the guvernor, here a group photo - more at the image page:

2015-02-06: The Board meeting on Gotland is starting, here some images from Friday.

2015-02-06: This weekend the board of 41 International is meeting on Gotland, Sweden with RTI board, OTS board and RTS board. Please come back soon for an image report.

2015-01-31: A day early the February Communique is here as PDF!

2015-01-05: A new special January 2015 New Years edition of the Hinge is here!

2015-01-01: The January Communique is here as PDF!

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