In Memory of Professor Dr. Wolfgang Roesel

With Wolfgang Roesel we have lost a long-time Round Tabler, Old Tabler and 41 INTERNATIONAL friend. 

Wolfgang performed many tasks as a Tabler. Gaining in 1996 the Award of Merit from 41 INTERNATIONAL And also in 1996 Honorary Member Old Tablers Germany 

As Old Tablers Germany President in 1982–83

As President of the 41 INTERNATIONAL 1993-94

As co-responsible in the group that brought Great Britain back again in the 41 INTERNATIONAL Association at the AGM in Great Yarmouth, England on 9.4.1994

As Past Editor of the German “Depesche” Magazine.

As editor of 3 books on Old Tablers and Tabling in general:

“Ex Tablers“  published in 2004, *Rostige Ketten/Rusty Hinges“ published in 2005 and “Anita’s Sonne“ published in 2015.

Wolfgang, with you, we lose an honest and committed Tabler.

The last few years have taken a toll on his health.

His death, in his 87th year, in peace in his bed, has redeemed him.

We are saddened to have lost such a precious friend. 

May he be well received wherever he arrives.

For all of the Friends, Worldwide 

Bob Parton
Honorary Member 41 INTERNATIONAL a.s.b.l