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This BEST PRACTICES AGREEMENT emphasises that each Organisation respect each other as distinctly separate organisations with equal rights under one single identity: PART OF THE ROUND TABLE FAMILY, whose International boards have agreed to work together on various activities such as those spelt out hereafter and without compromising the individual status and identity of Organisation.

  • In order to ensure and strengthen the relationship between the 5 associations, a representative (Preferably the President) of Round Table International, Ladies’ Circle International, Tangent Club International, 41 International and Agora Club International will, where possible, attend and address the Annual General meeting of the above-mentioned organisations.
  • Four times a year, the 5 organizations will have joint meetings, where two international board members (President and Vice President preferably) of each association will share their ideas and plans for the present and upcoming year. The places and dates of those meetings are to be set during those joint meetings by the consent of the majority.
  • Promote articles in each other’s newsletters when separately agreed between the organisations.
  • Establish links to each other’s websites and make the these easily accessible to our members.
  • To ensure that all Party’s respective Constitutions implement and maintain specific Clauses that reflect the importance of recognizing the need for proactive, on-going close cooperation between RTI , LCI, TCI, 41 International and Agora Club International going forward.
  • To support one another at all levels, in any other activities not listed herein but perceived to be of common benefit

This agreement will take effect in the financial year 2023, will be reviewed and re-signed every two years by the 5 Organizations to see if further development in partnership is needed.