41 INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide social Networking Organisation for men aged over 40 who are usually former members of Round Table. It forms a part of the Round Table Family of clubs, together with Round Table International, Ladies Circle International, Tangent Clubs International and Agora Clubs International, whose details are all under “About Us” together with this one.

Round Table itself was formed by Louis Marchesi In 1927 in Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I), exclusively for men aged under 40, with the intention of offering younger men the benefits afforded by similar groups such as Rotary Club, which were dominated by older people. It took off quickly, and within a few years there were more than a hundred Tables in towns and cities across the GB&I.

The first formal club for Ex-Round Tablers aged over 40 was formed in Liverpool in 1936. Former Round Table members from other parts of the GB&I, who wished to continue friendships made in Round Table, quickly followed suit.

After World War 2 Round Table gradually spread to other countries and became a worldwide movement of like-minded men under 40 or 45, depending upon the country.

In 1945 a GB&I “National Association of ex-Round Tablers Clubs” was formed in Wakefield and the first President, John Shuter of London Old Tablers Society, was elected. Today there are around 13,000 members in 670 clubs across GB&I. 

41 INTERNATIONAL was formed in 1975 by the National Associations of GB&I, Germany, France and Belgium and now encompasses National Associations of ex / past / old Round Tablers.  The list of National Associations involved is shown on the “Member Associations” page. There are also individual 41 Clubs in other countries throughout the world, usually where there is a Round Table presence, but they are not affiliated in 41 INTERNATIONAL.

The objects of organisation are stated as follows:

  1. To encompass all Associations and clubs of ex-Tablers.
  2. To maintain at international level the contacts between those clubs.
  3. To maintain at international level the bonds of friendship which unite all Ex-Tablers.
  4. To initiate, develop and improve working relationships with Round Table International and Round Table Clubs for fellowship, networking and joint service initiatives.

41 INTERNATIONAL is led by a board which comprises a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Immediate Past President.  Each country elects either one or two voting delegates and together with the board comprise the International Council.

An Annual General Meeting and a Half Year Meeting are held by the member countries each year.  41 INTERNATIONAL has over 30,000 individual members around the world.