Workshops at 41 INTERNATIONAL World Meeting

Workshops at 41 INTERNATIONAL World Meeting

Friday 14th May 2023 – Crowne Plaza, Stratford upon Avon


Following on from the success of the workshops help at the HYM in Odense we will be holding four new workshops at the Stratford upon Avon World Meeting / AGM. These workshops will discuss many of the aspects that are essential to the future health and development of our clubs.

The forums are open to all members of the Round Table family and members who are not attending any other events at the World Meeting are cordially invited to attend the workshops.  Please register your interest in joining a one or more workshop at the event registration desk at the hotel.

We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to these important discussions, where you will have an opportunity to espresso you views and opinions.


The Workshops are:

1   Does 41 Club do Community Service?            Chair Barry Durman Room 1   9:30-11:00

The case against – “we did our Community Service in Table”.

The case for – “we still have a lot to offer”.-

Presidential Charity 2023-24

Random Acts of Kindness 2023-24

Top 10 Community Service initiatives from the floor to inspire others.


2   41er.World – What can it do for us?     Chair Steve James        Room 2   9:30-11:00   

Presentation by Fabian Engler and Christer Olofsson

Experiences from National Associations

Costs involved and funding system change requests.



3   Fellowship and Growth     Chair Brad Parkes   Room 1   11:30-13:00

Making Clubs Work – organising things well – invitation and welcome

Attracting new prospects – elevator speech.

Leaders inspiring activity and growth – Full Steam Ahead.

Top 10 Fellowship activities from the floor to inspire others.


4   Communication within 41 INTERNATIONAL     Chair Jason Thomson      Room 2   11:30-1300

   Website – is it fit for purpose – Fabian Engler

   Newsletters and on-line magazine – are you getting yours? – Ray Hill

   Facebook Groups – our new initiative for 2022

   Board meets Boards on Zoom – Year 3.