Urgent Help Required

Ciobalaccia, in the south of Moldova (about 120 from Chisinau). This is where the “House of Hope”

Cyril, (Kirill) a pastor from Odessa, moved with his family to Ciobalaccia and rented the old hospital here. The Moldovan government has made the old building available to Kirill free of charge. The aim is to set up a “refuge center” for Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to the donation of € 20000 from the Tabler Foundation/ Ukraine Aid, 58 stacked beds (bunk beds) could be bought, delivered and set up in Moldova. In the long term, when the war is over, Cyril’s building will be used for the care of the elderly and the care of orphans.

Ion Crudu (Round Table 1, Chisinau, Moldova), Bernd Staeblein and Tommy Führer, (both OT74 Hanau, Germany) visited the site on the 20.06.22. 

The first thing they noticed was that the yellow gas supply pipe lacked the connection to the house. Cyril explained that this is exactly one of his big problems, because the house has no heating! In just 3 months which we arrive quickly and… then it gets cold!

What helps?  Contacts in Germany and 41 INTERNATIONAL for the procurement of a heating system, or donations that we can arrange the procurement and installation in Moldova.

Inside the old building we saw the partially renovated rooms with the beds, and of course did a recount, yes indeed all the beds we sent  are there. The sanitary facilities are in “construction status” and will probably not be finished so quickly. J

The kitchen …… Kitchen? You will not find any indication of it, because in the room intended for the kitchen there are only a few old electrical parts on the floor, substructures or entire kitchenettes… Not true. If anyone from our ranks can support, then please immediately, because the first coach with women and children from Ukraine arrived at the Refugee home just last week.

What helps?  kitchen equipment (if possible stainless steel), which is no longer needed here in Germany or in our 41er World. The “Friends help! Convoy” organizes the pick-up and transport from Germany to Moldova. Another possibility is that we buy the kitchen in Moldova and have it set up directly on site. But for this we need donations!

The roof is leaking! The corrugated sheets would have to be renewed/repaired. When it rains, the water runs into the room below and has already started to lift the wooden floor.

This is an unacceptable condition for the future lounge of the women there with their children.

What helps?  Hands on! Have we got a “Roofer” a roof construction technician amongst our members, that could tackle this with his team on site and remedy the condition? Which club is willing to donate so that we can ourselves completely rebuild the roof?

The windows are in a disastrous condition and need to be renewed. From broken windows to the dilapidated wooden frame, you will find all of these problems there.

 What helps?  On the one hand, you can collect donations and we commission the window exchange via our friends of the RT1 Chisinau. However, we simply lack the means to do so, so that we are again dependent on donations. On the other hand, the windows could also be manufactured in Germany and hopefully the Freunde Helfen!Convoy takes over the transport.

The sanitary facilities should be completed in a humane acceptable condition.

What helps?  A team from Germany or even out of the 41er World donates their holiday for 1-2 weeks in Moldova, brings the material and finishes the necessary work. On the other hand: donate, donate, donate and commission in Moldova through our friends.

Whoever feels what he sees does what he can!”

Donations please with the  Code “ House of Hope”

To: paypal@rtd-stiftung.de


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