41 INTERNATIONAL Board Zoom meeting with the Board of 41 Club Belgium

Gentlemen We met with the Belgium Board on December 13, 2021, at 1800 CET on a Zoom meet to introduce the New International Board and meet the Belgium Board. The following were present.

  • 1. President Luca.
  • 2. IPP Luc
  • 3. VP Tom
  • 4. Webmaster Fabian
  • 5. Secretary Gopal
  • 6. Treasurer Tor
  • 7. Legal Advisor Martin
  • 8. VP Elect Barry
  • 9. President 41 Belgium Benoit
  • 10. 1st VP 41 Belgium Edwin
  • 11. IRO 41 Roland
  • 12. IPP 41 Belgium Bob
  • 13. Webmaster 41 Belgium Stephane

A brief introduction by President Luca of the International board and by 41 Belgium President Benoit of the 41 Belgium board present was given.

President Benoit reported that Belgium has 2456 members, 100 clubs, 5 Areas, 3 Tangent clubs with 46 members, 23 Agora Clubs with 400 members and 688 members in Ladies Circle. Two new clubs are to be chartered. The National Board of Belgium consist of 13 members, and they meet twice a month. A Permanent secretary is also appointed by the Board. The Belgium board have two VP as this helps in planning for two years.

They have shortlisted the following for the year, to support Round Table and bring in new members in Round Table, Interaction with clubs in Belgium, to ensure all retired Tablers join 41 Clubs, and improve communication.

They also have the 4 club one vision and support it,  their 4 clubs are Agora, Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club. The main goal of this is to raise funds and help each other by doing charity work. A unique model has been implied to support fellow members who have been affected in their business due to the Pandemic.

President Benoit asked IRO Roland to report on the international front, Roland mentioned that Belgium is very active internationally the are close to France and have several meetings with France. Belgium members can speak in many languages hence it is easy to interact with these countries.

Web Master 41 Belgium Stephane mentioned about the efforts taken to use the 41ers world in Belgium and to ensure interaction and better communication is there between the members.1st VP Edwin reported on the YAP and Belgium being a very active members for YAP, they plan to commence the next tour by summer of 2022. The current National Board of Belgium is a mixed of young and senior members which allows the board to work very efficiently.

Belgium reported that they have also formed an ASBL of the association. President Benoit showed a movie made by them to encourage extension in Round Table and request all to circulate the same to all member countries.

A good discussion on the forum proposed in January 2022 took place and various points such as voting % membership, new association were discussed. A good number of inputs were given by the Belgium Board.

President Luca thanked all for their participation and looked forward in meeting Belgium in January at the forum and in person in Norway for the AGM in May 2022.

President Luca also mentioned that it is important to meet and be in touch with Belgium.

Warm regards
Stay Safe and Be Safe.
Warm regards
Gopal Chopra
41 INTERNATIONAL Secretary 2019-23