Video – 41INTERNATIONAL HYM 2021 in Verona!

Dear all friends,

the International HYM is now over.

We hope that all of you have been well and that we, Club 41 Verona, have been able to make you feel at home. It was important for us to have you with us to celebrate an event that is extraordinary for us and that fills our hearts with joy: the election as International President of our great friend Luca. We read your messages yesterday with great happiness, but we too have many thanks to do.

First of all, we want to thank the Presidents Luca and Liat and their Boards for allowing us to celebrate this important event in our city that we proudly showed you during the weekend. Unfortunately, the time to organize everything was short, but we did our best and this gives us great joy. We are confident that this experience and your example will strengthen our club 41 in Verona and the relationship between its members.

We can therefore understand the sadness with which the Romanian friends had to give up the organization of the event due to the restrictions for Covid. Our strongest hug goes to them.

Finally, we thank all of you for being in Verona. Many of you have had to go through long, tiring, and difficult journeys to be here. We thank you with all our heart. We thank you above all for having lived the weekend with a true spirit of friendship, with patience and lightness. You brought to Verona a great example of what it means to be an ex-Tabler, Tabler and Tangent.

Thanks from all the Club 41 of Verona

Dennis Pini

May the Hinges of Friendship never Rust