NEVER GIVE UP [Luca Colombo]

March 2021


Our President Luc Trigaux gave us the motto “in extraordinary times, extraordinary measures” in the May 2020 issue of Communique.

Alas, the extraordinary has become the new normal since.

Also in the May 2020 issue I wrote about the fear in those days of lockdown which has put its mark on us forever.

The figures have sadly multiplied many times over, and figures became names and faces of people we knew and who departed this life.

Lives and ways of life have been shattered. It is a memento mori but teaches us even more.

Our very human existence on Earth is not granted and we must change if we want to leave a future for our children and grandchildren.

We must leave incrusted habits behind and get up to fight or else brute egotistical interests will prevail over the richness and variety of life on Earth.

I wish to exhort our marvelous Club to never let go, to stay close even if physically distant, to find the time to call our friends to say hello, to meet online and speak about our traditions, passions, interests, and work. Let’s keep our eyes wide open to the needs of others who we can help.

Let us live the new normal with undiminished dedication! Let us carry over our enthusiasm, our projects and aims, our celebration of Friendship into the digital world we must now largely do with.

We will succeed in safeguarding the very essence and the big heart of our Club!

Once a Tabler, always a Tabler!

Luca Colombo
Vice President 2019/2021