AGM (Live) or not AGM, this is the question

Dear Friends,

A lot of people are asking if 41 INTERNATIONAL will have an Agm or not in May.

The answer of course is “Yes” but how?

This is the real question because in this moment the numbers of the pandemia would not allow us to meet in person.

If it were today it would be only “online”.We will inform you all in late March.Still, we want to be optimistic, we want to do it with all the countries physically present in Verona. We do not want to give up.

As a fall-back scenario we are also thinking (with TCI and ACI) of postponing it to the second week of July…would it be enough to beat the virus?

May will arrive very soon but please give us your trust…we will be back to you very soon with the final decision.

Luca Colombo
Vice President 2020/2021