Waste Challenge Let’s clean up the world! 1 – 7 March 2021

Dear presidents at all levels
Dear members of 41 international,

In the last two years, 41 International has been successfully trying to work more closely side by side with Round Table International, Ladies Circles International, Tangent Clubs International et Agora International to form The Round Table Family all together.

We designed a unified logo, signed new agreements and also committed to support each other and organize joint events in the future.

As a starting activity we would like to propose you a first challenge, initiated by Ladies Circle international  : The Waste challenge!

The Waste Challenge is an opportunity to go out, mobilize the members of our own club and join the members and the Round Table family  (while respecting distances, of course!) and show we can work together!  The objective of the week-long challenge is to clean the planet! Well at least a little part of it.   

Do you want to know more? Do you want or want your club members to participate?  

In the case you can just read and pass the message and encourage your friends to do the same. All the instructions are explained in the documents attached. And don’t forget to take pictures of your work and share them with us!

Yours in 41 and the Round Table Family

Luc Trigaux,
41 International.President

download: Waste Challenge March 21
download: Waste Challenge – The App

A challenge run by

  • Ladies’ Circle International
  • Round Table International
  • Agora Club International
  • Tangent Club International
  • 41 club International

Contact details

Femke van Raam: president@ladiescircleinternational.org / +31648156420
DK Sing: president@round-table.org / +919719223333
Chris Helsen: helsen.c@gmail.com / +32476221284
Nina Leppäkangas: president@tangentclubinternational.org
Luc Trigaux: president@41international.net

With special help from

– The Green Ladies

The Green Ladies is a group of members of Ladies’ Circle the Netherlands, that was formed a few years ago.

Their goal is to make Circlers and their network aware of how we can improve our ecological footprint.

Contact details

Jolijn van den Hengel: Jolijn.vanden.hengel@facilicom.be / +31651371155
Stella van Uffelen: stella@zumm.nl / +31646101105


We are regularly annoyed by the amount of waste in our streets and parks. And even worse: disposing of all kinds of waste has huge environmental impact and can cause serious problems. Some waste will eventually decay, but not all. In the process, it may smell or generate methane gas, which can even be explosive and contributes to the greenhouse effect and causes pollution. This results in climate change and the extinction of animals and eventually the earth becomes uninhabitable for generations to come.

We as Round Table Family members can take action! Together we have an enormous network of people and when we use this, we can make a difference. Let’s use the power of service and friendship to clean up our world. Especially in these times, with restricted possibilities in our daily lives, we have to take good care of our own environment.

Our goal is to show the world & each other that we can make a difference. We would like to challenge every country, every club and every member to take part in the Waste Challenge in the first week of March (1-7 March). Taking part is easy, you only have to organize a couple of hours in which you clean up all the waste. Collect the plastic and other waste/litter you find in nature and throw it away properly.

Everybody can choose their own location; A beautiful nature spot, a local park or your own neighborhood (you can also ask for help or information at the local ranger or the responsible organization for that park). You can organize this on a national, local or individual level.

Depending on the restrictions due to Covid-19 at that time, you can create a team. For example, when you can’t go outside in larger groups than 2 persons from different households, you can create family teams (1 team = 1 family) or you can create a team of 2 different persons.

Join the Waste Challenge – Side by side in 5 simple steps!

Mobilize your club in the first week of March (1-7) to join the Waste Challenge*

Choose a location that you want to clean up. A nature reserve, a local park, your neighborhood

  1. Plan one or a couple of hours to clean up all the waste
  2. Take pictures and/or make a video and spread the word on social media
  3. Let us know how much waste you collected and/or what weird things you have found by putting it on social media. Don’t forget to tag us and to use hashtags.

The hashtags you can use on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN, etc.) are:


*Please, always follow the COVID-19 restrictions when creating teams.

Maybe you have heard us talking about the Litterati app where we can keep record of who collected how much. At the moment it is not possible to do a global challenge in this app, but we are working on the options of this.

When we have news, we will definitely share this as soon as possible.

Have a shot at winning… eternal fame!

A challenge needs a winner! From all the pictures and videos that are posted on social media with the hashtag #WasteChallenge, we will select a winner who will get… eternal fame! The biggest reward is that we all do this together and that we make a real difference, but it is always fun to win.

Mark these dates in your agenda:

Sunday 28th February 2.00 pm (CET): Kick off livestream with all five of the international Presidents who will officially start this week of cleaning up the world.

Sunday 7th March 2:00 PM (CET): Official closure of the Waste Challenge and announcement of the winner.

More details on both of the events will be shared on social media.

More information?

When you have any questions and/or need help, you can contact your international board or the Green Ladies. See first page for contact details.