Gerard M J Pascal – Nomination for 41 INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT 2023 – 2024

Nomination for 41 INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT 2023 – 2024


How did my mentor knew that when I joined Round Table , I would devote my entire time in serving others , ADOPT , enlarge my International contacts , travel extensively to promote friendship , ADAPT, learn from experienced tablers and Associations members and Presidents , IMPROVE ?

Which I did indeed , extensively as founder member and first President of my Round Table Club , IRO , and Secretary in various occasions , followed by a very rich and fruitful career at Association level , ARTIO , as Vice President , President and again IRO , attending yearly various AGMS , HYMs and ARC , around the world .

Bis Repetita , founder member of my Club 41 , Vice President , President x 2 and IRO and another experienced career at Association level Club 41 Indian Ocean , as Vice President , President , IRO , National Secretary for many years sharing what you taught me when listening to world wide friends within our Unique movement .

Always promote recruitment and learn from new countries around the Globe .

I have also proudly served my International Association as Convenor in 2008 and I thank the 400 International and local delegates who responded to our invitation . Always support Round Table and Club 41 Internationally .

I have travelled so much in Round Table and Club 41 that I brought back so many banners and lapel pins . I have more of them at home than shirts ! !

I have also promoted as Extension Officer the launching of

1st Ladies Circle Club in Mauritius and Club 41 n0. 8 .

Last but not least , my Round Table Blood has been automatically transmitted to my son and my daughter in Ladies Circle . It seems we all fell in the Gaul Asterix Pot since we were born , mmm … What a nice flair from my mentor . . to whom I confirm that my last goal will be on my way to the International Level , hopefully ,

to encourage and motivate them , to give and not expect anything in return .

I have encouraged since 36 years and will continue to consider in priority to recruit only EX Tablers and will work harder to get more new countries to become member of Club 41 Int ‘ l . May the Hinges of Friendship never Rust .

Quitters never Win & Winners never Quit ”

CV Club 41 International Vice President 2023 – 2024