Forty Four Years of 41 Clubs in India (1972-2016) by RV Rajan

An insight of 41 India very well captured and presented by 41ers RV Rajan . this book talks about the legacy of 41 India since it started in 1972.

download: 41 India book- final copy

A good read to know the history of 41 India .

The Author puts a note : ‘For the main story, I have taken the linear route of tracing the history of the Association year after year, highlighting the contributions of every president in the evolution of the association. In addition, I have written descriptive chapters on YAP, Fellowship, Indians in 41 International, Administration and Finance since I thought these topics needed elaboration. It is a first person account based on my understanding of the roles played by 41ers over a period of time. I have also added a few anecdotes, where possible, to make the narrative interesting. This is not a coffee table book. However, select photos covering important events and topics are included.’

Warm regards
Gopal Chopra
Past President 41 India
International Secretary 2019-22