IPPM 2021 / International Past-Presidents Meeting / Liège / Lüttich 01.-04.07.2021

Dear good friends from around the globe !

I hope that You are all doing very well and You all are mastering this damn COVID-19 pandemic crisis !

I hereby make another attempt to invite You to our next INTERNATIONAL PAST PRESIDENTS MEETING (IPPM) which is known to take place in Liège in Belgium.

Most of You have voted for the date at the beginning of July 2021 and so the event will take place on the following dates :

Please note that we have to be at least 40 participants, otherwise the event will definitely be cancelled. Therefore, please make Your registration asap !

I ask all of You in these difficult times for your understanding.

Looking forward to note Your registrations and I hope to see you again soon.

In the meantime, should You hear of new NATIONAL PAST PRESIDENTS who are not on my mailing list, please let them know or send me their e-mail addresses in ordert o contact them asap.

And of course : stay healthy !

Jean-Claude JOUSTEN
Tel .: 0032 475 244 779