Extension Report 41 INTERNATIONAL [Ulrich Suppan IPP 2019-2021]

Dear club-friends,

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, club life on an international basis has changed fundamentally. All national AGM’s and also the international events were cancelled. Nevertheless, the contact has intensified through the video conferences which take place almost weekly.

As IPP it is my task to intensify the contacts to possible new club members. I have also succeeded in this with Club 41 Senegal. The further efforts with Club 41 Nepal and Dubai are currently interrupted, but are to be intensified in autumn.

I would like to give you a brief overview of the current 41 INTERNATIONAL situation regarding new members:

For some years now, the contact to RTI has been very close. There have been two main reasons for this, namely

– 2014 the completion of the MOU (LINK) at the IAGM in Cyprus and

– 2018 the foundation of “The Round Table Family” platform at IHYM in Marrakech.

Nevertheless we have to wait until the recently founded RT nations establish themselves and then become strong 41 nations.

Let’s look to Europe!

There are 17 members of 41 INTERNATIONAL, 6 of these have less than 100 members, 2 more nations with 41s (Luxembourg and France).
Beside these 19 are 9 more RT nations (Bulgaria, Estonia, Gibraltar, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Moldova, Monaco, San Marino). These also have less than 100 members each.


Admission interviews are currently being held with Luxembourg and Estonia.

In Asia and Australia/Oceania there are 3 members of 41 INTERNATIONAL and 4 more nations with 41s (Nepal, Kuwait, Dubai and New Zealand).
Beside these 7 are 5 more RT nations (Hongkong, Philipines,  Singapore, Bangladesh, Australia). These currently have only one club each.

Reception talks are currently being held with Nepal and Dubai.

In Africa there are 4 members of 41 Int. as well as Senegal with an already submitted application for admission. Then 5 more nations with 41s (Kenya, Madagascar, Botswana, Malawi and Seychelles). Beside these 10 are 4 more RT nations (Cameroon, Nigeria, Tunisia and Zimbabwe)

Reception talks are currently being held with Kenya and Madagascar.

In South America there is 1 member of 41 Int. (Suriname) and 1 more nation with 41s namely Brazil (without RT) and 1 more RT nation with Trinidad and Tobago.

In North America there is 1 member of 41 Int. (USA) and 1 more nation with 41s namely Canada and these 2 RT nations.

Reception talks are being held with Canada.

With a bit of luck we can expect applications from Luxembourg, Estonia, Nepal, Dubai, Kenya, Madagascar and Canada. All in all, 41 International consists of about 36,000 members and RT International of about 31,300 members in 57 nations. RTI Associations -> Link

As you can see, especially in times of Corona there are many virtual contacts with friends of 41s worldwide and exciting discussions about the extensions of our 41s family are being held.

All in all about 36,000 members belong to 41 INTERNATIONAL. The 3 remaining founding members of 1975 alone have more than 23,000. ( Great Britian & Ireland approx. 15.000, Germany approx. 6,000, Belgium approx. 2,200)

To RTI belongs 57 nations with approximately 31,300 members.


However, each club nation in the Round Table Family is only as strong as the individual local clubs combined. Therefore, we should always consider the interests of the local clubs in our international work for our club ideas.

My work is of course only possible with such great support from many countries.

After I will stay for another club year IPP until the IAGM in Verona on 27.5.-29.5.2021, I would like to ask you to continue supporting me and our 41 INTERNATIONAL family.


Ulrich Suppan
IPP 2019-2021

International Events:

INTERNATIONAL (postponed) EVENTS 2020/2021