Pré-Order Shop 41IWM & TCI AGM & ACI BM Brussels 2019

Dear Friends,

To give you the opportunity to buy presents and gifts for those loved ones at home or for your little self, we give you the opportunity to buy On-Line;

  • 41I & TCI & ACI & RTI & LCI jewels in silver and gold
  • Beer in different tastes
  • Leonidas Chocolates in different sizes
  • Dressing sets in 2 colors en bathrobe
  • Cool plus Polo’s in different colors

This gives you the freedom of visiting Brussels without the need to carry your presents.

Your purchased presents will be delivered to you at arrival in the Main Hotel.


Use the link below to order your presents;

AGM 2019 – Pre order

P.S. This link to the Pré-Order will be available until Thursday 18.04.2019




Didier Van Calster

“41 Clubs International” Convenor Int.AGM Brussels 2019 =>

Mobile +32(0)475.42.31.84