FRADEBELUX unspeakable, but good! [Rolf Scheifele]

FRADEBELUX is an association of tables located in the border region of France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

We are back in September 2008. Old Tablers tables 147 Trier, 168 Daun, 7 Saarbrücken, 109/209 Zweibrücken, 84 Homburg, 135 Saarlouis, 35 Kaiserslautern and 183 Idar Oberstein are visiting Amnéville, near Metz, for the very first FRADEBELUX meeting, Denis Beck Conseiller International de France starts in 2008 in Amnéville with these words:
“Today we have four countries to sign this charter and that makes me very happy. That should  and that will establish a new and great friendship among us. We will show that the friendship and tolerance between our peoples is a real fact. We will also show our friends in other countries and other clubs that we are the future. “

March 23, 2019 we are in Lesménils just a few kilometers from the place of charter. Again the Round Tabler and Club 41 from Metz organized the party. It is already the 12th event. But where are the representatives of Old Tablers Germany? Only Fabian Engler and Rolf Scheifele have upheld the flag of OTD.
Unfortunately, the participation of German tables has declined sharply in recent years. This is very unfortunate because the meeting is a great way to celebrate neighborhood. The reason for no show can´t be the party itself, it was a wonderful evening among friends.
To revive and focus on the encounter, France and Belgium have put their annual Interboard Meeting on the same day and place. The nations present were also invited to the meeting. A very interesting exchange of thoughts among close neighbors. In the evening, a wonderful party with live music, good food and drink. By the way, the neighborhood to Champagne, one has in his glass.
Next year, it is Germany’s turn, to organize the event. My appeals to the tables, which are in question, get in touch! Get back into the great opportunity to live and organize tabling across borders. Of course, this does not apply only to the mentioned tables.

Greetings, with a load of impressions from Lorraine.

National IRO Germany