Service Award for Education [Ulrich Suppan]

As presented at the HYM in Marrakech we may remind you of the keytopics from
this new award in the following:

Our 4 Main Values are
Friendship between our members – local, national and international
Partnership to the members of Round Table Family
Family – means the YAP Program since 1991 and
Service in many variations.

Now let’s speak about SERVICE:
Beside many service projects we should have also a new focus in 41 International. 

Education projects, as our main value are also important to strengthen our
connection and relationship to RT, especially to motivate them to join to 41.

download Presentation – 41International2018-Award_PDF

Support education

Many nations have running service projects for Support Education, and we want to implement a new idea with the following Guidelines:

1.    4 week before each Int. AGM (2019: 29.03.2019) each member nation should
summit one, already established education service project to our secretary Mika
2.    Out of these submitted projects the Int. board will select one project and
grand the yearly Award for Education.
3.    In parallel the Int. board suggest that each member nation supports this
award trough  yearly fee of EUR 1/each single person. For nations counting
more than 1.000 single persons the limit is EUR 1.000,– yearly in total.
4.    Currently this is optional. If the majority of the members agree, it will
became obligated.

We kindly ask you to strongly support this ideas in your home nation! 



Ulrich Suppan

41 International President


Mobil. +43 6643417339

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