Half year meeting France – Meaux [Franz Kettele, Club41 Austria]

A great experience

Many thanks to our friends from France – Many thanks to Michel Bourget

It was a promise after many Gin Tonics at the HJM Austria for French president and French IRO last autumn and we always keep the word even we are very drunken. Michel invited us to participate with a both at the HJM Meaux and to present our special food (meat, bread, sausage etc )and beverage (wine, liquor, oil etc).

We, Fredi and me and our wifes- Ulli and Magret, packed the cars only with our best things and started the 1400 km trip to France. After a very nice Friday evening we built our booth beside the 17 france booths and serveral other internationals. In the evening started the event and there were more than 1000 C 41ers. After opening they squalled our both.

Thanks to our president Uli and his wife Roswitha, they help us the whole evening, it was possible to serve all the C 41ers which visited our booth and enjoyed our delicacy. Long after midnight we went back to the hotel and had a very good feeling to be part of such a great organisation.

We were first time participating and therefore we won only the second place in the contest of the most beautiful booth….congratulations for Roy Kroos and his team.

Thanks again and till next year  –  and than hopefully we will win…..:-)

Franz Kettele

C 41 Vulkanland Austria