Homeless 41 International Flag travels the world

Again and again the stray flag is sighted in different places of the world, so far nobody has redeemed the flag – although it is an unwritten tradition (see below). At HYM in Rimini, friendly tablers took care of the safety of the flag and took it by themselves.

Will the owner recognize the flag that is marked with clear lettering and symbol? and how happy will be when he can take HIS flag back again? It could be that the flag will be next at the RTI World Meeting, where the flag can be retrieved by the owner for a personal banner and a GT in the bar.

Questions about questions that we can’t answer yet.
We will continue to report on it.


A tradition is the securing of devotional objects. Devotional items are for example flags and banners, a foundation certificate, the table bell or other symbols. At events, to which mainly foreign tablers are invited, it is a sport to “ensure” the devotionalies of the hosts. Tradition obliges the owners to release these objects. The table that secured the Devos dictates the type of action that should trigger them.