Cruise group from GB&I visit Tabler in Bergen, Sweden [Tom Albrigtsen]

Nice to meet old friends we have not met before…

This group from GB&I came to visit us In Bergen. The city of 41 International world meeting 2021?

They came as part of a cruisere from England with Fred Olsen’s ship “Black Watch” where Bergen was one of the ports. They arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning and departed at 18:00. Past President Lasse Ståløy arrived with his boat at 14 pm and took them on a cruising in Bergen harbor and towards Lakevåg. Then we went back to Bergen and sat there talking for a while before they had to board the cruice ship again.

Thank you for visiting 41 Norway : Dave and Pauline Campbell, Lynn Jones, Linda Denson and we miss a few names…..

IRO 41

PS The cruise flyer can be found here…/20…/Club-Cruise-Flyer-20181514028906.pdf