NEW HORIZONS WITH 41 CLUB [by Marcus Jones]

marcus-2Transition is change and no one really likes change apparently, yet we all need to continue the journey of life.

I have spoken to many current members of Round Table GB&I and current 41-Club members and all say one thing, they love the associations and what they represent, especially in current diverse difficult times. The realisation and fact that we are not immortal in life, that we must move on becomes something no member looks forward to. 

I have mentioned many times in my speeches to the members of all associations that;

“Round Table means different things to different people, for some it’s community, for others it’s charity, for most it’s the fun and fellowship for life.” Guess what, it continues to mean the same in 41-Club, however there is actually more to consider.

You realise that you move with the generation of members that have become your friends for life the “class of 2010” for example, that those continued friendships are truly for life, that community still means so much to us all, we have plenty of energy to support the Santa sleighs, beer festivals and so much more.

However something positive is changing in today’s 41-Club around the world, members are now creating their own community events outside of Round Table, that we do more international travel with our international friends in over 25 countries and its growing. Many of our members go on to create fantastic work in the public domain, many become local leaders in education or the community.

Our members are today creating their own identity, a new vibrant DNA for an organisation for the 41-Club members world wide. 

We have the opportunity of new horizons along the journey of life, we engage with our communities, we encourage and support members of The Round Table Family. Most of all we continue our education through new experiences.

We “Engage, Educate & Encourage” those we meet, why? Because we get it!

We understand what it means to wear the badge with pride and most of all we are all Ex Tablers who want the current generation to Adopt, Adapt, Improve on what we have contributed and built.

We also intend to carry on having fun, friendship and fellowship!

Yours In Continued Friendship

Marcus Jones

“An Ex Tabler, 41-Club Member & Someone Who Get’s It!”