41 INTERNATIONAL photographic competition

Announcing the launch of the first 41 INTERNATIONAL photographic competition.  The competition is open to members of the 28 national associations and entries can be made until the 14th August. Entries can be made using the link below.

Members will then be given two weeks to vote online for their favourites.  The 12 leading photographs will then be printed and displayed at the HYM in Odense where the delegates will select the top three.  All photographs will be displayed anonymously.

Click here to enter a photograph


  • All entrants must be members of a recognised National Association.
  • The photographs must have been taken by the member entering them.
  • Entries are limited to two per entrant.
  • No heavy editing is allowed, but adjusting the light level is OK..
  • By entering the competition, entrants agree that photos submitted can be used by 41 INTERNATIONAL for promotional or charitable purposes.
  • Submissions will not be accepted after the closing date of 14th August 2022