Aziz Cherkaoui – Nomination for 41 INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT 2023 – 2024

Nomination for 41 INTERNATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT 2023 – 2024


1 ~ I will pursue the strategic line of 41 International based on:

-The close work with the members of The Round Table Family

-I will Continue and I will encourage the policy of * Let’s Make Tablers *,but also the motto of * 4 values -1 idea *. My work at the 41 International Board must be in continuity, respect for its rules with of course its improvement.

2 ~ Intensify and support the YAP program, which is very important for mixing, training and preparing young people to be Tablers and then be members of 41 club within the RT family.

3~ I would like and I wish to be the Ambassador of the Nations of the African Round Table !! to help the Start-up, with Extablers, each Country to join 41 International

In this regard and in the context of the work that I have accompanied with 41 Morocco at the international level:

* a- We were happy and honored to co-charter the creation of the 41 national club of Senegal on September 14, 2019.

* b- the same operation had to be done to create the 41 national club of Madagascar in October 2020. Unfortunately it was postponed because of the Covid-19.

4 ~ In my program, we need to get to know the members and the countries of the 41 International Club better: in this regard, I had a project to make a book on the 41 international that you have already received,

** This book is dedicated to each member of the 41 international, and I make it available to the board and the 41 international club. This book will be updated every year.

5 ~ I will propose, with the support of 41 Morocco, to the general assembly of Verona, to carry out a major social or environmental action, in one of its member countries.

We will all do our best to find funding either through sponsorship or donations.

6 ~ Over the past two years, I have worked for our 41 club, had personal and ongoing contact with 41 friends from all countries. In addition, as soon as I am elected, I undertake to visit all countries and especially those that have never been.

* Of course, I chose my motto: * Do it with Love * for my program.

Because it’s unthinkable to do something if you don’t do it with love.

Long live 41 Club in the world.