41ER.WORLD more than a member database and content management system!

41ER.WORLD is a management software where members can manage their own data online at any time. A system that automatically assigns access rights for functions and takes different admin levels into account. A database that allows you to store and historicize everything you have worked on and make it available to your successors in office. A communication platform, exclusively for Round Table Family members – worldwide – Round Table International (TABLER.WORLD), Ladies Circle International (CIRCLER.WORLD), 41 INTERNATIONAL (41ER.WORLD), Tangent Club International (TANGENTCLUB.WORLD and Agora Club International (AGORACLUB.WORLD).

#roundtablefamily – different organizations, different design & colors, different content, different members & functions, but they share the same big heart for the good cause and the same goals.

The system offers each tabler a structured and clear presentation, tabler news, events and information and this for each level – table, district, association and international. For confidential data and information, visibility can be limited to specific groups and functions (for example, only table presidents, or only national board). Manage all your documents, minutes and photos with history in one place and assign permissions, with backups and always available – digital archive at every level!

Communication made easy – find tablers online anytime – for example the president of Austria, the webmaster of Finland or the current president of your international partner table. Already on board: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland – more countries in preparation! You can also find members of the Round Table Family, as long as the data is released by the countries or members.

You can access all information on all devices, such as PC, MAC, Tablet and Smartphone worldwide and easy. In the future there will be a Smartphone App, which has even more functions like direct chat and geolocation.

#getconnected – connect with the tabler community worldwide and with dearest friends from the club family all over the world!

Fabian Engler