Covid-19 – Communication from the 41 INTERNATIONAL Board. Verona update.

Dear 41ers,

The covid-19 crisis is still in a spreading phase in Europe and the world and more and more AGMs in April and May will presumably and understandably need to be cancelled in order to avoid the propagation of the infection.

Portugal and Iceland have already confirmed their cancellations. Others are seriously considering postponing their national conferences too.

We, in the international board can only recommend all associations concerned to comply with the decision of their own national health authorities.

Many of you certainly have questions regarding the 41 International AGM of Verona due in June. Just like everybody, we are monitoring the situation in Italy and we still hope the situation will normalise in May and June.  However it is still totally uncertain what the situation will be like at that time, both locally and internationally. 

As we still want to give Verona (and all the human and financial investment behind it) a chance, we will continue to follow the evolution of events and inform you of our decision (to cancel or not) in late April. This will not change much for all those who have booked their flights already, but will still give a chance to do so to those who have not.

In the case of a cancellation of the Verona AGM, all the working agenda would be postponed to our September HYM in Brasov which would therefore host both the AGM and the HYM on the same day. The election for the vice-presidency would take place at that moment too. 

In any case, the call and agenda of the Verona AGM will be sent in a few weeks in accordance to our rules.


Luc Trigaux