AGM Finland INFORMATION 18.03.2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have spent countless amounts of hours for almost two years to host the AGM 2020 in Vaasa, Finland. All of the six clubs in Vaasa, with a total of 130 sisters and brothers, are committed to organizing the event together with the four organizations.

We only have two months left to go and there is already over 700 people registered to the event at this stage. But now, the corona virus has put everything on hold. The government has imposed restriction and the situation is changing every day. Even though the AGM seems like a far dream at the moment, we don´t want to throw in the towel just yet.

Together we have decided that we will follow the situation until April 13. 2020. The final decision regarding AGM 2020 will be made after that. We will also look into alternative meeting arrangements. Despite this difficult situation, we still want to live up to the dream of having the best ever Hollywood themed AGM in May. However, should the AGM be canceled, we will of course return the money to all of you who already paid for your tickets.

Take care everyone!

Best regards,
The AGM2020 Team
Round Table Suomi-Finland
Ladies´ Circle Suomi-Finland
Old Tablers Suomi-Finland
Tangent Club Suomi-Finland