Report Iceland AGM 2019 [Christian Albrecht, Germany]

From the 3rd to the 5th of May I had the chance to join the AGM in Eglistadir, Iceland. Ther were four  international guests (2x finnland, 1x Dubai and me). For the OT side, I was the only one and therefore very welcome guest. One more reason to emphasize once again that Tavelbingo is an important instrument and of great value for international exchange!

Since Iceland has fascinated me for a long time, I did not hesitate a second to take this chance of a visit. Some information in advance: The OT Iceland was founded in 2011, and currently consists of 7 clubs. It should also be noted that the Roundtable is represented by 16 clubs in Iceland, two of which are facing major challenges.

At the meeting of the OT, there were 12 tablers in attendance, who reported on their activities and challenges of the last year. Officially “charity” is not part oft their programm. However, there is a project started by an OTler that has been supported by active tablers for 3 years now. In Reykjavik, Tablers drive a bus that supplies the homeless and drug addicts. On board are also nurses, clean needles, different things needed.

Of course, a particularly important topic is to keep the Tablers in the ranks of the OT after the age of 45, and to continue to grow. The Clubs is also calld „Old Table“ and the name is not considered a disadvantage at this point. They took over the naming from us, as Germany was there for  the foundation of the OT in 2011, and we are the “mother country”. There is no discussion about Club 41, because you participate actively in the Round Table until 45 years of age.

It is currently being discussed in the clubs, whether the OT should open for non RTler. A decision on this should be made at the next AGM.

I was greeted at the airport of Reykjavik by Tondur Palsson and fort he next  48 everything was taken care of, THANK YOU SO MUCH. As it turned out, Tondur was presented the presidential chain of Palmar Thorrisson on Saturday. Tondur is a great guy, who’s task it will be to convice the the Tablers that you stay a tabler for your hole life. Therfor ist should be clear to stick to the OT.

I think he has what it takes. Having lunch together with the Tablers who are just about to leave RT for the OT, has shown me, that he has an open ear, good knowledge of human nature and most of all humor.

To stay on the topic of food: Fresh fish can be eaten in Iceland very well, but also mushroom soup, wild goose and salad were very popular on the weekend. In Eglistadir (just under 3000 inhabitants) the AGM took place together with RT / OT / LC. A good meeting place was a pizzeria with attached brewery, sounds weird … but ist true. The pizza was great, the beers varied from interesting to delicious!

By the way … the Icelanders can do party. On the first evening we had a come together party. With my 42 years of age I was younger than some active tablers and show them, that the attractiveness of the OT depends on the readiness of each individual to continue to get involved and participate in the activities internationally / nationally and locally. Furthermore, I believe that “the German” was generally perceived in Iceland as good drinking, dance-mad and “good on foot”. Through a “communication breakdown”, the myth has arisen that I walked back from the partyplace to my hotel, which has brought me quite appreciative words and pat on the back.

Of course, like everyone else, I went by bus from the partyplace to the pizzeria / brewery and later walked (about 5 minutes) back to the hotel, but the story persisted.

All the people that I got to know during these days were open-minded and cordial. It was a real pleasure. Next year, RT Iceland will be 50 years old. At this point I would like to pass on the invitation, which was spoken to me very often and urgently. Visit RT Iceland for its 50th anniversary. The country and the people are great!

After the AGM, I took a rental car for two days and experienced the streets of Icelands wich lead to another adventure and discovered wonderful landscapes. Two advices that I received one the very first day have always accompanied and often made me smile.

First: If you do not like the weather in Iceland, wait 10 minutes.

Second: If you gt lost in the woods … stand up!

With these words and a few impressions I again would like to say:  thank you.

YIT Christian Albrecht
Old Tablers Germany OT 117 Hannover.