AGM 2019 Weimar – Thank you! [WOLF HEINRICH]

Liebe Damen, Dear Friends, Chers amis, Servus Freunde, Grüezi Freunde, Queridos amigos, Cari amici, Beste vrienden, Dragi prieteni, kära vänner, kære venner, Hyvät ystäväni, (asdakai al-azaa)  صدقائي الأعزاء ,


Dear friends,

our anniversary – AGM is behind us.

Hopefully all of you have arrived home healthy again and have compensated for the sleep deficit.

We thank you all very much for coming to Weimar.

Since Sunday we have received numerous mails with praise, thanks and dear words.

Since I cannot answer everyone personally, I send you all on this way our thanks for this warm feedback. Your praise for the location on Friday and Saturday, the caterer, the bands and we passed on the deejay.

We already thanked our host for the farewell and his attentive service on Sunday.

We hope you still think about this beautiful AGMl and we will see you at the HYM in Hof and at the next AGM 2020 in Schleswig at the latest.

Yours in Table

Wolf C. Heinrich in the name of OT 209 Weimar