Report 43. International AGM Brussels 26.-28. April [Ulrich Suppan]

Thank you Didier,Jean-Claude,Bob and all 41 er Belgium for a great AGM!

It started with Pretours full of Hospitality, culture, meeting with 41 friends, walking tours, landscapes- great!

Friends from Norway, India, UK, Austria, Morocco and Belgium came together in Mechelen, the birthplace of Didier and went to a sightseeing tour in the city and lunch in the new foodmarkethall!

On Tuesday we took the train  to Oostende and Bruges: Local 41ers with a former President of Belgium and Peter- we met us 12 years ago in SA- pretour – showed us the beauty of the seaside with marvelous lunch at a beachclub and the fabulous town with a boat trip!

On Wednesday we went to Antwerpen with visiting a diamond cutting shop-thanks Karin- and a boat tour on the Schelde with picnic and Didier and his friends as host- we will never forget this tour!

After these tours through Flanders we visit on Thursday Liege in Wallonia. Lot of culture and an Italian dinner with many local 41ers!

Once again a big thank‘s for the organization team and the personal escorts through the Belgian friends!!!

The AGM weekend started with visiting Brussels, conferences and a get together in an individual location- a bowling hall with sports , friendship, drinking and eating and open end in the hotel bar!

24 nations sent delegates to a memorable AGM! After the addresses of the guests we were listening to the reports of an interesting Club year! We have to discuss further about the Legal status, the Service Award and the reentry of France! We got also further informations about for a better communications platform!

We finished the name change discussion with a difficult election with some problems! We have not reached the qualified majority- 75% is maybe a too difficult step! Anyway, thank‘s to the scrutineers Makarious and Randolph!

After that, we chose an New Secretary: congratulations to   Gopal from India! Also thank‘s to Alex for the candidacy!

The only candidate for VP 21/22 was Barry Durman! Welcome on board!

Also many thanks to Mika for being three years Secretary and PP Bruce for four year as boardmember and setting of the course for a lot of important developments!

The Gala night united over 400 41 er’s , Tangents , Tablers and friends and started with a live music sessions! The ceremony of handover the chains was full of emotions! Once again a friendly welcome to the new members and a friendly good bye to the leaving members of the board!

On Sunday morning we had time to say good bye to all the old and also new friends and lady’s and go home to continue the work for our 41 ideas!

Thank you all for attending our AGM and we all give a big applause to the Convener Didier and our Belgian friend for a fabulous weekend 


Ulrich Suppan

41 International President


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