Un Cuore per Arquata – A Heart for Arquata [Rolf Scheifele]

24th August 2016 the earth quakes in central Italy. Among others, the small village Arquata del Tronto is almost completely destroyed. Immediately Club 41 Italy begins to consider how to help the victims of the natural disaster. The idea to create and build an earthquake-proof multifunctional center for the community comes up. The planning and realization is done together with the Associazione Nazionale Alpini (ANA). The project is started in the spirit of Side by Side. Round Table, Club 41, Ladies Circle and Agora collect money in a joined action. In combination with donations from neighbor countries the total of 150.000 € is collected. Unfortunately it took more time to struggle with the bureaucracy regarding the permission, than to build the multifunctional center itself.

14th April, 2019 is a rainy, but for the village Arquata del Tronto a beautiful day. The multifunctional center with a meeting and event hall is inaugurated this day.  It offers space for associations and offices for small business, whose premises have been destroyed. The ceremony takes place partly in pouring rain, but that does not spoil the solemnity of this special day. I am in a happy situation, because Uli Suppan the 41 International President just got an umbrella. So we stay more or less try. Of course there are speeches and a ribbon is cut. This is followed by the unveiling of a memorial panel. It shows “four clubs one vision” on it and the logo of all 4 clubs. Another highlight is the presentation of an artwork entitled “The Power of 2 Hearts” as a symbol of the cooperation between ANA and the four clubs of the Tabler family.

I am proud and touched to recognize what can be achieved working together. It just needs one person taking care and motivate others.  In this special case Claudio Onofri Past President Club 41 Italy. Claudio was the driving force, he made this day possible with self-commitment and a lot of energy. Of course he also represents many others who have been engaged. Thanks to all of them.

Rolf Scheifele

National IRO
Old Tablers Germany