The flying dutchman [Stefan Wark, IRO]

that our friends from Netherlands are able to fly like crans, is only a rumour, which never was established by anyone from Holland. Fact is that the dutch people like to travel, what can be seen during the holiday season on european airports, highways and last but not least on the German autobahn.

Among the tablers of 41 Netherlands there is a travel officer, the circle of experts call him IRO. I am talking about Roy Kroos. Since 2017 he is engaged for 41 Club Nederland, his international travel destinations can be found in travel catalogues: Rimini, Frankfurt, Warrington, Belfast, Krakow, Marrakesch, Appenzell etc. In addition Roy visited all national dutch tables. In total Roy sucessfully completed 34.000 kilometres and invested over 20.000 € of his private account. Due to these facts Roy now is titled the „Super-IRO“.

We meet ourselves for the first time during a bus travel, destination HYM-France in La Rochelle. During these 3 days we travelled 2000 Kilometres and since this time we meet ourselves in several towns  and we have had a great time. I never meet such a engaged tabler.

Respect if somebody spend his whole holidays and such a big amout of private euros , only to represent his country and tables in foreign countries.

It is a honour for me to  be your friend, Super-IRO!

Stefan Wark
Old Tablers Germany IRO