41 Christmas and Season Greetings [Ulrich Suppan, President]

Christmas and Season Greetings 

May traditions that you treasure most
and all the special plans you’ve made
bring sentimental Christmas joys
and memories that never fade!

Dear 41 Club Members, Tablers and all Friends!

I would like to wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2019 !

I also may use the opportunity to thank you all for the deep friendship, fantastic meetings and assistance during the last months!

Now it is Christmas time, now is time to think about soul and spirit – and also about the development of our values!

Friendship- clubfriendship is our main idea and has to be lived day – to – day for our 41 Family. Then we stand closer together. During the next months we should find a practicable solution with our 41 friends in France. We are  also on  the legal path from a corporation to a non profit organisation.

Partnership got an own platform on international level and combined all the „Members of Round Table Family“ This influences also the contact on national and local level. At the HYM in Morocco the VP RTI Sebastian presented us Tabler.world- another formal possibility of closing the gap between 41ers and Tablers. Also LC,Tangent and Agora moved closer together.

The YAP Family developed and will also grow in the future. A huge “Thank You” to the organisation team and all the participants.

We could present our new Int. Service characteristic: “support Education, young generation”- and with the support of all together we will organise a new platform!

Our values are contemporary on the top of the time and are helpful to intensify our club life and our activities for the club family and the communities.

Once again, thank you to my board members for all their support – it has been easy for me!

Bruce, thanks for your preparatory work and advise!

Luc, thanks for your close collaboration!

Mika, thanks for your short but valuable contribution of ideas!

Didier, thanks for your circumspection and preparation work in many matters!

Fabian, thanks for your assistance and encouragement twenty-four-seven!

Sid, thanks for the monthly Communique and your passion and competence in all 41 matters!

Thank you all for the friendship and warmth, especially when Roswitha and I visited some of you during the last year- we are a big family and you make us feel as part of yours! 

I will continue to intensify these contacts in the new year and with your help  we are able to implement new ideas for our community, for 41 International!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,

Ulrich Suppan