European meeting of 41 Clubs and Old Table 97 Burg Frankenstein

It was a day in September – that day I`ll always remember …

The first line of this old Motown song, sung by The Temptations in 1973, reminds me, Herbert from OT97, on that wonderful weekend organized, prepared and provided by our 41 friends of Crewe Nantwich in England.

Billy, Ian, Martin, Simon, all other 41 members of Crewe Nantwich and especially the Ladies took care that all guests from 41 Club Molsheim in France, Peterhead in Scotland and OT Burg Frankenstein Germany felt warm and comfortable during the weekend of 14th to 16th of September.

All guests were picked up on Crewe Station and dropped down to the Crown Hotel in Nantwich which its nice pub. Here we had first drinks and snacks to stay alive after the journey. Ian Taylor, distinctive by his pipe, arranged an afternoon sightseeing walk across Nantwich, its historical city, honorary citizen, medieval churches, modern company’s and shopping lanes. So everyone got an overview about were our English friends are living and – English weather. But what will happen in the evening?

Great efforts – means home party were made to arrange a fantastic welcome and come together on Friday evening at Billy and Sheila property a lowly cottage area country side. Oh what a big Hello and Bonsoir as well as kisses for the Ladies. Most professional done by our French friends! Good to see so many friends and talk each other about all this important topics of the word like Brexit and Merkel, Macron and pension funds. OK we also taste the different beers, wines, the wonderful burgers with pork, beef and chicken and the delicious homemade desserts. Relaxed and happy all Ladies and Tabler set out for the way home to hosts or hotel sure the weekend will be remarkable.

On next day our hosts call us up early. We start to a bus tour without destination. The only information we got was “its outside, be prepared for a longer walk and English weather” Oh, sound as an adventure but we all got doggy bags! Remember the Brits were conquerors over a long time in history. Indeed they brought a long number of exotic and unknown animals from the middle of nowhere – and care for them in one of the biggest European zoo, the Chester Zoo. Unbelievable, the big number of inhabitants and different areas in which the animals are kept in a natural environment. My personal favorite is the Cheetahs. A wonderful idea this day trip with all together and best summer weather conditions.

But time was fleeting and the next event was waiting. We changed the outdoor closing into dinner suit and cocktail dress and meet together for the official supper. Picked up by the bus the mood raised as nearer the location was coming. All was arranged for a typically Euro-Meeting main event. Ah, the location includes a stage. Looks like “time for skits.

As said the mood raised and Billy, President of 41 Club Crewe – Nantwich welcomed all guests and pointed out the importance and the pleasure to keep Euro-Meetings ongoing. Some more speakers from Molsheim, Peterhead and Burg Frankenstein thank for the arrangements and the hospitality, beer and wine. Typically on Round Tables we talked a lot about local activities, private issues and further events. Suddenly the English Tabler appears on stage and opened the skits season.

What a peals of laughter when every 41 Club perform its skits about actual political situation or typical British behavior. Instead of the French ones: They are just Word Champions. Another chummy time comes to an end and together with some open wine bottles or filled beer classes we reached the bus bringing us home.

Sometimes it is easy to be happy in this world when good friends, indeed foreigner, comes together having a combined mindset.

Unfortunately, I could not remember in detail how this evening ends but I woke up in my own bed. It’s time for a last breakfast.

Again our English friends spare no pains and offed us a fantastic farewell brunch in the middle of Nantwich old town where a historical café and food shop is located. Normally closed on Sunday but someone have connections … Simon prepared scrambled eggs, black pudding was made and toasts were offered, English marmalade and tea was served every time, really British.

Finally and after hours of saying goodbye, yes the French Tabler kiss all ladies again, we promised to see each other next time in Molsheim. Yes it’s all over now, one of these Euro-Meetings why you are Tabler too. We will keep the spirit and the mindset.

Goodbye Crewe-Nantwich, hello Molsheim