38th National AGM Association of 41 Clubs of India, 22.-23. 09 Chandigarh! [Ulrich Suppan]

After 6000 km flight I have a warm welcome from IPP KeKe on the airport. Then 2h resting and at 10pm breakfast with many 41 friends of India! After that 5h culture program with KK and Vinny through ancient gardens ,tempels, Rock Garden… Chandigarh a city 220 km north of Delhi,was planed by european architects in sectors like Manhattan. Now ca 1mill inhabitants. After lunch the Boardmeeting with 8 area chairmans. After each report live ind. Drums. P. Harsh was very exited of a outstanding clubyear. Now ca 2750 members in 260 Clubs with a strong connection to RT. Services projects especially in education with more than 100,000 Euro. My year report (4 values – 1 idea – 41 our network) and about the workshops on the HYM was highly appreciated.

Since I was the only foreign visitor, all of the 41er gave me a warm welcome. The evening reception was typical Indian with a lot of music, dancing, food and lot of nice conversations with old and new friends. The AGM with a duration of nearly 8 Hours was the longest AGM in my club life. I had the possibility to present the positions of 41 International. The discussions during the AGM were even from the oldest members very emotional and shows the strong connection to the 41 family (especially changing the tagline “May the Hinges of Friendship never rust” in “Friendship forever”).The YAP program and new ideas for charity were some other mainpoints.The founder of the YAP idea in 1991 Indu Chandhoc was still an activ delegate!, Sid used the possibility to sell a lot of 41 International humpers with ties and watches.

I also had the opportunity to explain our ideas at the AGM Tangents India!They celebrate their 10 anniversary wiht about 400 ladies!

After a short break we celebrate the Presidents Banquet with changing the colours from the old Board with P Harsh to P Rajid with the new Board.PP Gopal Chopra leave the Board,but he want to come back as Int.secretary! The evening was full of Indian music,dancing and exellent food! Before leaving at 5 am I had also time to discuss with IRO Singh about our discussion about returning France and new ideas about YAP and FAMEX! India seems open for small changing our rules! After a 5h taxitrip to Delhi through a wonderfull landscape with rice fields, corn, agricultere and big modern cities I flew back to Vienna! An important visit to the 3rd largest 41 club which is always strongly participating in the 41 international family! Thank you for your hospitality!

Ulrich Suppan