RTIWM-Greetings from the 41 International president

Dear President Yann! Dear RTI Board!

At the outset I would like to wish you, in the name of all 41ers worldwide, a wonderful weekend with good discussions during your AGM and decisions for the future!

41 International Vice President Luc and Treasurer Didier from the 41 Int. Board will be taking part in your AGM. 

Both our AGMs always have a busy program and therefore I would like suggest that  we can consider a joint meeting and presentation with the member delegates during a workshop on each Half-Yearly Meeting.

Therefore we invite the full board of RTI to come to our HYM in Marrakech/Morocco to be held between 12 -14 October, 2018. We will also be glad to visit your HYM in Finland next year.

Maybe we can work to introduce actions based on our MOU:

  • At each HYM we should include in our agenda a joint presentation and discussion with all member delegates,
  • A link to each Int. Website with an extra MOU PAGE.
    5 years ago we promised to practice the points of MOU on a day to day basis. It would be interesting to get to know the achievements of member countries.

I have to apologize because I am on my way to our South Africa to celebrate their 50 Anniversary and also to Zambia next week!

Once again, thank you and your board for a good working together under the banner: “Once a Tabler -always a Tabler” and work together on our 4 main values:


Good luck   

Ulrich Suppan

41 International President