It’s A Kind of Magic at ” The RTBI Past Presidents Weekend “

When you bring Twenty-One Past Presidents of RTBI together, one thing is certain, we are Ex Tablers and the banter flows with an energy you would expect.

Our weekend get together started with a Friday night music social with partners. Drinks flowing and a little bit of Freddie Mercury music. It’s fair to say that “A Kind Of Magic” was taking place with the friendships forged through the magic of Round Table. That the show must go on belted out from many a Past Tabler.

Saturday morning started with a good hearty full english breakfast and the excitement for one of the surprises of the day for the Ex Tablers.

A driving experience of the extreme type and suitable for all. The guys drove an absolute power house vehicle in the guise of the Ford 2.0 litre Ecoboost turbo engine which gives 280hp, 430 Nm torque accelerating the Revolution to 60 mph in 4 seconds and onto a top speed of 135+ mph.

A competitive and fun experience, move over formula one drivers especially with RTBI Past Presidents. The race times were marginal after three gruelling ten minute sets of laps and a few accidents, the race experience had a top three; 1st Place Mark House, 2nd place Marcus Jones,  3rd place  Ken Donald.

After a quick shower, it was onto the second experience of the day and a more formal lunch and “state of the nation speech” by the current RTBI President. 

President Richard Holland gave a positive and competent update of Round Table Great Britain & Ireland along with the news of great progress being made by the National Board, National Council & its current members.

During the dinner all Past Presidents gave a few words of encouragement and some of their own thoughts. It was also humbling to listen to so many stories experienced by those around the table. All attended are enjoying the Continued Friendship in 41Club.

Our most senior Past President Rodney Huggins 1975/76 shared what I could only describe as historical facts and stories that instilled you with the clear  knowledge you are in the audience of Legends of RTBI.

After a final few words of thanks, we all retired to the bar to rejoin our partners, who had themselves enjoyed a real retail experience with their own lunch during the afternoon. The experience weekend brought back so many memories and in the words of a Past President and Ex Tabler “it was Tabling at it’s best”.

The organisation of the weekend allowed for an all encompassing event that everyone enjoyed thanks to Past President Bruce Bennett and Lynn who ensured every single detail in the planning pushed the yearly event to another level.

It’s simply “A Kind Of Magic” to be an Ex Tabler and Past President of RTBI and continue that friendship in 41Club.

Past RTBI President Attendees; Rodney Huggins, John Lymbury, Ken Donald, Gerard O Herlihy, Jason Thomson, Nick Lawton, Stephen Sprod, Rohit Tanna, David Barker, Paul Teasdale, Simon Dyson, Steve Grew, Steve Glaister, Mark House, Gary Smith, David Oneil, Peter Bell, John Payne, Bruce Bennet and Marcus Jones.

Yours in Continued Friendship
Marcus Jones 
Past President RTBI 2015/16



Marcus Jones

The Links Foundation Founder

41 Club Beeston President 

National Past President

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland