AGM 41 Belgium “Welcome to Arlon” 28.09. – 30.09.018

Welcome to Arlon 28.09.2018 – 30.09.018

Arlon, city of history and culture, located in the extreme south of Belgium, on the borders of France and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, is pleased to welcome you in the Belgian Provence. Enjoying an exceptional microclimate, you will be able to discover wonders: the flora, but especially the local fauna should not envy anything to the African savannah or the Russian tundra.

The Gallo-Romans, moved by the flair that each one will recognize them, decided to implant here a colony which did not stop developing.

The waters of the Semois spring, drunk by the natives, made them strong and beautiful. Fortunately, Catholicism then took root, bringing to Luxembourg soil developed manufacturing techniques which allowed the production of nectars, to be tasted with moderation, notably Orval and Rulles beers as well as Maitrank, an energy drink based on Moselle wine and asperule plants.

The Organizing Committee will prepare a program adapted to all tastes and all expectations: gastronomy, tasting of regional products and local folklore, culture, international exchanges, but above all … conviviality which Belgians are fond of.

And as Jules said “Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae”

Be welcome for an unforgettable weekend.