Vice President Report from 32th AGM in Cyprus [Luc Trigaux]

Limassol June 14-16 2018

« Cyprus 41 members are trying their best to visit their neighbours’ AGMs, but get very few visits in return » lamented one of the board members when I asked him how many foreign guests would attend this year’s AGM in Limassol.  Indeed, convenient, straight connections to the « Island of Love » are not so easy to find. And I was lucky to get a relatively cheap fares from Brussels using two different companies for my inbound flight to Larnaca and return flight from Paphos, only 3 weeks before the event.

The fact that the Dutch AGM was taking place the same weekend, with all the IROs and presidents flocking there was probably the other reason why Paula Farnsfield (Tangent International president) and I were the ONLY TWO international guests of that JOINT LC, Tangent and 41 AGM.

It was my 4th trip to Cyprus. My first two were made as a tabler, for an AGM in Nicosia and an IRO’s meeting in Limassol. My third was a quick trip to Limassol again to attend the 41 international AGM of 2015 when Makarios became a international president.

 Although the official meeting took place in Limassol, the AGM welcome dinner was organised in Nicosia. My friend and fellow YAP convenor, Kyriakos Kyriaku came to the airport to pick me up. As the vice-national president, he was in charge of the AGM organisation and kindly offered to host me, which reminded me of the equally kind hospitality that George Psaras had already extended when I was there some year ago.  After lunch and some rest at Kyriako’s house, I was invited for a couple of beers in Andrea’s pool. Andrea Chaviaras, Kyriakos’s neighbour was the national president of 41 Cyprus. That gave me the opportunity to test by myself the quality of the waters that usually welcomes the yappers in the summer.

Not so many people turned up for the welcome lunch. We were almost 20, all from Nycosia. But the atmosphere and “mezze” was really good. Just like in Belgium, the members do not take the full weekend off for an AGM. That only happens in larger countries where people need to travel long distances and need to stay overnight.

The next day, we left early for Limassol and the Ajax hotel resort where the meetings and gala evening were planned and where I would spend my second night.  The hotel was already full of Ladies getting together for their meeting. I met Paula there. There was also a delegation of nearly the full board of Round Table Cyprus, who attended parts of both our and the LC meetings.

All the clubs were represented at the meeting. About 25 delegates were present. Including the board and a few non-delegates, about 40 people in all. Reports were presented and debated of the Pörtschach AGM, the name change, the YAP programmes, the extension of 41 Cyprus, with a new club in Nicosia. I also had plenty of time to deliver Ulich’s address (also projected behind me) speak about his education project, present the 41 Hamper project, the Brussels AGM of 2019 and my personal Make a Tabler (or a lady) project/next year motto. The latter was met with much interest, as well as the 41 package. Many asked how they could order it.  I was also asked to answer a few questions regarding YAP.

The musical gala evening was common to the three clubs with about 60 people attending a nice buffet. However it was relatively short with only a few dancing a few steps. Not so many people were staying at the hotel and therefore left early to drive back home.

On Sunday morning after breakfast, Nicos drove both Paula and me back to Paphos to take our repective return flights.  I must say it was another nice stay and great experience of the Cyprus hospitality and great weather. Thank you, dear friends.

The new 41 board of Cyprus :

  • Past president Andreas Chaviardas
  • President Kyriakos Kyriaku
  • Vice president Thomas Simonis
  • Treasurer Iosif Korellis
  • Secretary Petros Ioannos
  • Webmaster Pambos Georgiou

Luc Trigaux

Vice president 41 international