Report AGM Italy in Rimini [Ulrich Suppan]

From 25.-27. May we celebrate the Italian AGM in Rimini. A world famous tourist city with about 10 10 kilometers sand beach, blue sea and a 5 star Grand Hotel built 1904 was the place for the meeting organised from the president couple Claudio a Catia.

Pretours started to Urbino a medieval town nearby and an swimming day on the excellent beach.

Friday evening started with a guided tour to the town Veruccio with visiting the Villa noviano Museum a culture 6000 b.c. and before Romans and Ethruski.

The get together in the old “Sala dell Armi” della Rocca Malatastiana was a big event with excellent buffet, wine, culture and a dancing show.

By the AGM on Saturday President Claudio welcomed most of the 39 club presidents and guests from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Rumania, Sweden, Malta and France. In my address I explain that a new 41 international service price of education and a solution with our friends in France are the main goals in my presidency.

After the AGM was directly the banner change and than an excellent lunch with Italian specialities. In the afternoon I have first meeting with the new board and we discuss our 4 values especially MOU, YAP and service price.

The eventing started with a guided city tour and changing the colours in the City Museum. Old roman statues and old paintings  watched  the ceremony with a great spectacular moment:

Claudio celebrate his last “canzone” as an Italian President.

Then was the official honorary  for  Bob Parton and Engelbert Friedsam as new honorary members of Club 41 Italia and the former international president Randolf  Riedlinger was the speaker (Translator) of the evening.

The new president couple Riccardo and Melinda Daziale opened the gala night with a dance performance: Viennese Waltz in the theatre Galli a Rimini! During the gala a wonderful artist presented different arias from Operas of Giuseppe Verdi, who opened this theatre personally 1857. It was an excellent evening in an extraordinary place.

Claudio a Catia were the initiators and celebrating masters for a wonderful AGM  in Italia.