Chestnut Festival 2018

Club Meran / Meranoinvite you to the37th chestnut festival 2018 with Get Together at the Matzner Cellar,  liquor tasting and Chestnut Festival at the Lahnerhof from Marling!



FRIDAY 2 November 2018:

From 17.00 hours (5:00pm)

Registration of our guests at the Hotel Marlingerhof

From 19-20 hours (7-8pm)

Get Together at the Matzner Cellar on the street to Hafling

41 € for bookings before 01.10.2018 – after then 50 €


SATURDAY 3 November 2018:

From 10.00 hours (10:00am) Traditional walk along the old irrigation trail of Marling to reach around 12.00 hours the Leitenschenke with panorama view for the lunch. In the afternoon transport back to the Hotel Marlingerhof via shuttle, which is included in the price.
46 € for bookings before 01.10.201 8 – after then 55 €.

Starting 18.00 hours (6:00pm) for those who want, liquor tasting at the Lahnerhof from Marling

Starting 19.00 hours (7:00pm) Chestnut Festival at the Lahnerhof from Marling

69 € for bookings before 01.10.201 8, after then 80,00 €

Children up to 14 years will get a 20 % discount.


SUNDAY 4 November 2018

departure to your home.


Please contact Randolph Riedlinger

Tel. mobile +39 335 63 99 01 0,


Accommodation in the Hotel Marlingerhof:

Double bedroom 52 € per person per night including breakfast
Single bedroom 64 € per person per night including breakfast.

To get your registration confirmed, please send your money by bank draft to the following bank:


‘BAN: IT 71 Q 05696 58590 00000