The side-by-side family grows in one of the pulsating cities of the world: CHARTER RT 178 BERLIN 22.-24.6.2018

Dear Tablers,

Since last year, Tabler in the German capital have been trying to found a new table. After being founded in December, the charter is now up. And this could become a big event.

The motto of the weekend is “Dickes B“. The Tabler from Berlin want to present their guests in the contrasts of the city, far from the trampled tourist trails.

The prelude, the Welcome, takes place in a brewery ruin, where usually no weekend tourist is seen, but still plays its charm when the members of Round Table on Friday evening sit on beer benches, between brick houses and overseas containers enjoy Emils beer. The sophisticated Prenzlauer Berg is just around the corner and who might have been here a few years ago, will hardly recognize it. The city is changing, steadily!
On Saturday, a variety of program items are offered for the guests. To name just a few: A city tour of a different kind! The tour guide is a former homeless man who also casts a glance at the dark side of the capital. Or who likes it historically, may either explore former bunkers in the Berlin underworld, or admire the disintegration of such a facility in what was once the only GDR amusement park. The morbid charm of this complex is also found in the middle of Berlin and was legally not reachable for a long time.

On Saturday evening it will be tested if the bass of the music makes the bows of the Berlin S-Bahn shake. Next to the official part there is dancing. IT is advised to bringt your dancing shoes.

On Sunday morning, the weekend program ends below the television tower at Alexanderplatz. There, the events of the weekend can be reviewed and, if necessary, the escalation to the tower can be completed on your own.

Support the foundation of a new club and include them into the Round Table family!
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