The 41 History – Book from Bob Parton

The-41-history-417x280This book, I have compiled, as an everlasting record of the History of 41 International for future generations. To my knowledge, nothing up till this time has ever been compiled or written, on this subject. It is neither fiction or a roman and certainly not a statistical record, more a statement of happenings, a story or a chronicle. Books relating to National Activities, have been published in Finland, GB, who have produced twobooks, during their 60 years of existence, the last, to celebrate their 60 years Jubilee in 2015. The  Germans in 2009 also published a book, to commemorate 40 years of their history .

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I have deliberately left out a complete list of functionaries, like past Presdents/Secretaries/Treasurers/Editors, because these can be found in our excellent b“Members Directory” which Dr Sid, our International Secretary publishes. As well I am open to any critic and/or suggestions and if anybody has information, that he can add, from their own Associations to a second version in future, I will gladly accept them.

Bob Parton, joined Round Table on 1st April 1964 in Peterborough.
Tabler, through and through

Bob Parton
Honorary Member of 41 INTERNATIONAL