Barry Durman at the rendezvous for the Moldovian “Christmas Parcel Convoy”

Iwpk_barry am at the rendezvous for the Moldovian Convoy. It’s a transport hub. Everyone has to register. All the lorries have to be registered and huge stickers put on them saying “Christmas Parcel Convoy” humanitarian goods in transport. With 200 people 6 coaches of volunteers and over 30 lorries carrying just over 100000 parcels for the children this is huge. Registration is more complex than a conference registration. There are 120 lorry drivers for the lorries. All the companies donate their lorries and drivers their time. All organised by Round Table working side by side with Ladies Circle, 41 Club and Tangent Clubs. Amazing. There is a RT/LC waiting list to volunteer to give up a weeks holiday. See the map for where we are going. It’s the little pink country on the map sticking out of orange Romania and sticking into green Russia!!!

Barry Durman


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