41 Club São Paulo No.1 with the Charter of the national 41 Club Brazil

41 Club São Paulo No.1
together with the Charter of the
national 41 Club Brazil Brazil1

The pretour started today in Rio. We had about 37 Celsius during the day, but great food and drinks. Tabling at it‘s best!!

Rio visit on the way to the Brazil Charter Event in Sao Paulo…


41 Club São Paulo + National Brazil President Joachim Teufel and Engelbert at the Charter event, Banner Exchange and the 41ers Q&A session…


Group Picture at the Charter 

Engelbert Friedsam:
With the help of Christoph Weimann we celebrated and motivated the 41ers to work on forming RT Clubs. There is a good start possible as a 32 year old candidate to establish RT in Bella Horizonte was with us during the Charter discussions and took him „under my wings „. He is keen on opening a RT with the help of the 41ers. So promising …


Welcome comments

Bruce McKay (President)
Fantastic and well done to you Engelbert and Christoph.
Welcome to Brazil and may they prosper into the future.

Ulrich Suppan (Vice President)
Welcome in the 41 Family and Congratulation to you Engelbert and all the godfathers ! Many greatings and good luck to all

Luc Trigaux
congratulations to the new 41.

Alexander Abela
Congratulations to 41 Club Brazil. Welcome to the family. A great big well done to all those who made this happen. May this charter open the door to many more clubs.

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  • Aurel JIANU

    Welcome in our great 41 Family! Congratulations from Romania! Good luck! Will be a pleasure for me to learn SAMBA dance!

  • Joachim Teufel (President 41 Club of Brazil + São Paulo)

    Dear Ladies, 41’ers and Extablers,

    our special thanks go to Engelbert Friedsam, who welcomed us from the start and gave us the final push and tips for our future as official 41 Club of Brazil and to Christoph Weihmann who did a marvellous job organizing the tour.
    Our charter weekend was flavored with the overwhelming welcome we received from all of our visitors and we like to thank all of you for making this event so special.
    Thank you
    Jill Harris, Lawrence Bamber, Rob and Jenny Cobley, Peter and Lesley Good, John and Rosemary Livingston from Great Britain, Sathiamoorthy and Vashanti Sivamohan, David and Christine Illingworth from Sri Lanka, Engelbert and Monika Friedsam, Claus Heinrich, Richard and Uschi Huber, Michael and Simone Junghans, Antje Meyn, Bernhard and Luise Schaudig, Niki and Heidrun Schreiber, Björn de Vries and Stefanie Koepp, Christoph Weimann from Germany.

    Thank you all and keep your good work going!
    Joachim Teufel, President 41 Club of Brazil