Club 41 International Friendship India – Germany: Shiv Karnani from Calcutta in Germany

Shiv Karnani from Calcutta and Thomas Mueller from Karlsruhe get together.

[Bob Parton] It was over 10 years ago , that Shiv Karnai , former IRO 41 Clubs of India  wanted to make contact in Karlsruhe with a Club 41 Family who had Children in the same age as their Son Raghav , who was  about to take up studying at the University of Karlsruhe. (without doubt the top Technical University in Germany)

Shiv made contact to Hadding Pannier from OT 64 who had met Shiv through their YAP activities.  Hadding  then made contact to Bob Parton being a member of the Karlsruher 41 OTD Club.


The first person who came to my mind was Thomas Mueller, actual President of OT46 in Karlsruhe, he and his wife Barbara had Twins, a boy und a girl, who were the same age as Raghav , the Mueller’s immediately agreed to make contact and so began a long standing friendship between the two Families,In the meantime, Raghav is fully integrated into the Mueller family where the meet up together at regular intervals.

Thomas and Barbara having been Guests in Calcutta and now it was the time for the return visit from Shiv and Alka Karnani into Karlsruhe.

The Picture shows the Group of old comrades together at ann OT46 summer party in the beautiful Gardens of Goetz and Higa Nagel..