An appeal to all 41 Associations for Help [Bob Parton]

Amatrice / Arquarta del Tronto Region today

In the ruins of Amatrice one year ago, an earthquake destroyed the regions around Amatrice and Arquata del Tronto.

The politicians promised help. But she did not come. That is why we need your assistance

 There is rarely good news between the ruins of Amatrice. The good news, though informed a state secretary from Berlin into the prominence of a Devastating quake destroyed city on the Apennines. The man of the Ministry of Construction for the Italian village promised six million euros, almost half the amount for the construction of a new hospital. lf you take the winding road to the old Amatrice, the mountain ridge, you pass the ruins of the old hospital.


All that remains of the Hospital

During that heavy quake of the 24th of August 2016, which destroyed thousands of buildings, the first had briefly already survived the night of terror, which killed 299 people – the next morning, there were still sick people in front of the building, hoping nevertheless at least to be able to get this again. But then the region has been suffering for decades. Today there are more than 70,000 minor earthquakes, one of which 5,4 on the Scala destroyed the new building in October. No one could recover from the broken window-sills. The new hospital building is therefore so important for Amatrice because it gives the place an attraction in the centre of several destroyed communities in the border area between the regions of Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche. Since the end of the century the region suffers a population decline. Only the elderly still lived in the partially isolated hamlets, and the houses were filled only in the summer, when the relatives came to visit to make holidays. That is why today, it is also questionable for many people whether the communities destroyed by the earthquake “build up again and again exactly as they were.” Pirozzi was once a football coach and is still active today His powerful step and his bald head like a powerful athlete, with whom one should be better off. He is the strong man Amatrice; And if he did not exist, the whole community might have fallen into a deep depression. The fighter Pirozzi, however, shakes the people again and again and makes them hope. But he alone cannot help the city, and six million euros from Berlin are no more than a drop in the ocean. Pirozzi’s office is located in a makeshift city hall from barracks. ln view of the hot temperatures even the air conditioning fails. Pirozzi sits on the one, sometimes on the other side of his Desk and reception around the clock visitors. Every citizen comes with some kind of concern; every aid organization wants something; Foreign guests – as the Secretary of State – their solidarity and hopefully also leave a check. The President of the Latium Region, Nicola Zitgaretti, had just been allowed to leave; who had to take a chair from the corridor to the office, because there all the seats already occupied. One curses at the unspeakable bureaucracy. The Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who was still ruling in the summer of 2015, had promised “quick and unbureaucratic aid.” He set up an earthquake commissioner to help the destroyed villages Disillusionment is accordingly great. “As with other earthquakes, much is promised and received little,” says an older man in a bar near the almost completely destroyed centre. This bar is, by the way, as mocking as it may sound, earthquake-winner she is the only one; here all meet in the morning for Cappuccino and Cornetto. “They wanted to quickly put 500 prefabricated houses; Now just about 20O and only in September are all ready, “says the man, and at the same time he understands that he will probably not return to Amatrice, that his family has been living in Rieti for years He had nothing to do with Amatrice: “The cattle we had here are dead.” The young bishop of Fueti, Domenico Pompili, is also present at the meeting with the mayor. The bishop said that he regretted politicians like Zingaretti, a member of the Social Democratic Party PD of Matteo Renzi, as well as mayor Pirozzi, who was a neo-fascist and now wants Silvio Berlusconi to win his “Fotza ltalia” “Pirozzi and Zingaretti are really good people, both of them are not afraid to take responsibility but both, like the government in Rome, apparently have no power to stop bureaucrats from halting the reconstruction process,” says the bishop. “ltaly is marked by an administration that is so unsettled by the reforms since the departure of Berlusconi in 2011 that they That they do not want to take any responsibility. The”Six million Euro aid from Berlin is nice, but not more than a drop on the hot stones. And so, everyone gets to feel here that officials” simply block “. “There are still legal concerns, however, that they must prevent the mafia from interfering with them, and that not all licenses are still in place, and so on. ln many citizens, the impression is that policy has failed completely. As Renzi and the PD 2016 were in power, they would certainly not be re-elected, but in fact the whole state failed. “People are fighting against an invisible wall only to preach souls’ rest and trust in humanity, “says the bishop. This does not help the homeless that are suffering.


Dear 41 ‘ers with this report you can see how important that we as an Association and our Unbureaucratic art the people HELP quickly in the earthquake areas. Our intention is to build a community centre for the villagers in Arquata similar to the one that 41 Club together built in Onna

Please consider within your own associations if you can make a donation to Italy.

Please transfer to the Italian 41 Club of Italy account, Luca Colombo, future 41 INTERNATIONAL President will ensure that your money will finish up where it is needed like we did in 2009 in Onna

Donations please to

Club 41 Italia

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Bob Parton

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