7 Sins that Great Clubs Avoid [Brad Parkers]

 (Extracted from the book “Making Clubs Work” by Brad Parkes.
clubsWhat are the most common errors and mistakes which sets the great clubs apart from the ordinary. Let’s take a quick tour.

#1 Exclusivity

The great clubs do not believe in exclusivity. This can mean ignoring prospects and making them feel “this is not your place”. great clubs take every effort to make the prospects feel at home.

#2 Boring Meetings

Great clubs make sure every meeting has a purpose. That every meeting ends with the participants having an idea as to what actions are to be taken from there onwards. And long meetings where things that can be said in SEVEN words are said using SEVEN HUNDRED words is definitely not the way forward.

#3 Intro and Go

Not supporting new guests, guests left to look after themselves after a meting or event, new members made to find their own way with no guidance from senior members. This leads to a more New vs Old, Experienced vs. Inexperienced, gangs which is not the way forward.

#4 Poor language

Showing respect to other members and guests is a must. This does not mean keeping away any bad news or disturbing situations regarding the club. But the negative talk should be avoided and any problem should be discussed positively as a way of improving the situation and making the club better than fighting with each other or trying to point fingers at others.

#5 Prejudice

Great clubs keep prejudice away. They do not judge people and get into conclusions based on it. It is always best to carefully select and invite people and let their characters reveal slowly. Give them time. Do not jump into judgements about people.

#6 Complacency

Ina world that is changing constantly, if we stand still we will regress. Sitting back and waiting for a strategy is no longer an option. It might lead to members seeking membership of other organisations since they feel there is no progress. Members see themselves progressing when the club progresses. So, TAKE ACTION.

#7 Not Listening

A club that does not listen to its members is like a club which has stopped communicating. The club should constantly ask for new ideas and suggestions from members and more importantly be open to listen to the ideas and concerns of its members. In the discussion and openness of the table and its board, will lay a key point of strength.
Avoid these 7 sins and take your table to glory and make it a great club that sets a benchmark to the others.