The Club 41 Italy AGM 2017 in Parma – not only exquisite culinary at it’s best! [Engelbert Friedsam]

tabler_engelbertDear Tablers,

As our 41 International President cannot travel in June, he asked me to stand in for him and represent 41 International at the Club 41 Italy AGM. Over the years Monika and I have been to a number of Club 41 Italy AGMs, but this one has been special for me. See below… Thursday is a holiday in Germany, so we start heading the 800+ kilometers journey towards Parma already Thursday together with Frank Reinhardt and his wife Lucia. Both had decided last minute to join and spend four days together in great Tabling spirit.

We arrived in Parma right on time to join the dinner event in a typical Italian Restaurant meeting up with quite s number of 41ers including President Alberto and incoming President Claudio. Also most of the international guests had arrived, so the evening gave lots of room for linking up with lots of our friends accompanied with outstanding great food like Parma ham, Salami, Pasta and wine frizzanti, red and white.

On Friday we visited a small Parma Ham Factory who produces annually 50000 legs of Parma ham. The owner made us familiar with the production method, showing us the cooling rooms where the ham is maturing in a 12 month period before being ready to being sold on the market. <with all this ham we certainly got hungry and what a surprise, the owner also runs a restaurant attached to the factory, so we had the opportunity of a full Italian lunch again with Parma ham, Salami and Pasta.  The welcome in the evening of course took place in the garden of an Italian restaurant and of course accompanied by a great dinner with typical Italian food. Also the banner exchange took place in the typical Italian style, as always coming from heart J!

I joined the business meeting in full length to be available for the meeting with the board to go through the 41 International activities and also provide the opportunity for the Club 41 Board members to ask questions. Both events went very well.  The donation to the Round Table Italy earthquake project of 7 200 Euro from my pin sale during my 41 International President year was very much appreciated. Further donations of 5 000 Euro was announced by Club 41 Belgium and 12 000 Euro by Club 41 Switzerland. This shows, that together we are strong and hopefully will close the 75 000 Euro funding gap of this important project for the victims of this earthquake disaster. All associations are asked for help! Please do your best and help raising funds :-)!  

The lack of relationship with the Italy Round Table Board was stated as the key issue for Club 41 Italy. Several attempts to get closer failed. I have been asked at the board meeting to take this up and make RTI aware of this situation. I promised to put it on the agenda of the joint 41 Interantional Board meeting with the RTI Board at the RTI AGM in August.

Then an overwhelming surprise for me:  Alberto and Claudio jointly honored the support received from international Tablers in regard to the earthquake project but also for the support / sharing ideas how to develop club 41 further. The recipients of the Honorary Membership of Club 41 Italy are Bob Parton and myself, both members of Old Tablers Germany. Standing ovations made me very humbled and deeply thank full to receive this honor! It was announced that the official reward act will be done at the 41 International HYM in Rimini. I am looking forward to this emotional event, which will give me the chance to thank all for the support I have received for all activities as IRO of Germany and in continuation as 41 International President.

The Gala Evening with change of gongs was exceptionally impressive! The event took place in the wonderful theater of Parma.  The meal was four courses J! After all great wining and dining I notice that it impacted my weight. I now need to find a way to reduce it again…

To conclude: Another great AGM with a bath in Tabling! Thank you Italy, thank you Alberto, Claudio, and convenor Francesco!! Monika and I will be back soon and enjoy your hospitality, fun and friendship :-)!



We are all Tablers!


Engelbert Friedsam

Past President 41 International 2017 – 2018

OT 74 Hanau




Picture Source: Facebook Italia Group