A very emotional ending to a fantastic 41 year under the leadership of Engelbert Friedsam [Bob Parton]

bob_partonThe 41st International meeting of our 41 International club was held between 5th till 7th May in Sun City South Africa.

The meeting was opened prompt at 8,30 by Engelbert who welcomed the guests including many past International presidents that were present.  This was followed by the reading of the Objects of 41 International.

Secretary Mika through a roll call called the 22 Associations to confirm their presence starting with Australia, which he soon discovered was a long way away from Austria. They all then announced themselves correctly as present plus of course our aspirator the USA, who were greatly welcomed by all.

We paid homage to those past members who in the last 12 months have moved across into the everlasting peace including a foundation member and the 2nd President of our Club Daniel Ponchon and of course the very much respected John Hudson. 

John Anderson, the conference convenor welcomed and wished us all well, giving us a list of procedures as to what to and what not to do’s with reference the conference period.

National President South Africa, Andre de Villars greeted us and expressed his gratitude that so many people from so many countries had arrived to attend this event. I think he said, “Honoured and delighted by our presence” He went on to confirm that we have as many different names for our various associations as South Africa have for the 11 different languages they have. 

Top notch visit from our Round Table International friends who sent their International Vice President Yann Tavernier to speak, it was very rewarding to hear his appreciation of what we 41ers are doing to help their Association quoting “we are their future whereby they are our past” Let’s all do our own part in promoting more inter Table contact, we will all be the benefactors of it.

Italy went onto present an appeal for aid, after the horrific earthquakes of 24.8.16; 30.10.2016 and just to make sure the damage was completely done properly  the last 4 quakes on 18.1.2017. Engelbert made the first major donation by passing over the donations of €7200 he had receive from the sale of his pin, further donations came from other people and the sale of “A heart for Arquata” pins which raised more than €1000. They are looking for around €150K of which Italy themselves will be able to finance half of that figure, so that we need € 75K. They also wished to thank all the associations they gave so generously to the last earthquake in 2009 in Onna. It is interesting to note that today homeless families from Arquata are being accommodated in the building that we helped to build there in Onna.

South Africa gave an IOU for €250 promising to send the money when the currency exchange falls in their favour (David, have you looked at the exchange rate today yet?) Let’s hope the Interest charges don’t exceed the advantage of any currency gain.

Greetings also came from the LCI; Agora and Tangent International Presidents (Gerd-Inger acting for LCI and Tangent due to the absence of the LCI President)

Minutes of 34th HYM, which was held in Bangalore on the 15.10.2016, were confirmed and adopted without further discussion.

President Engelbert talked about the success of the workshops held at this HYM and it is clear that further discussions should be held at a workshop in Rimini in October at the time of the next HYM.  Clear is that for a successful future we need a common name that would be recognised everywhere and by everybody. (Corporate Identity)

Past International President Makarios spoke about the extension work which has made dramatic moves forward in the last 3 years, new associations in the pipeline are USA, Brazil, Hungary, Kuwait, Nepal, Uganda and Botswana. He thanked the German association for their offer to help finance the “start-ups” in Nepal and Portugal.

We then received the reports from the Secretary and the Treasurer both giving us a solid confirmation of how well the club stands today. Our “Bean counter” Alex told us we have a surplus at this moment of time of € 47K ( to you and me that means € 47000, now that is really a lot of money) but Alex confirmed it will drop after the expenses are all in for this AGM in Africa, never-the-less Alex means there should be a small surplus at the years end after all!!

The Editor appealed for more contributions for the monthly Communique (monthly even though we had 13 last year, maybe change the title Monthly + one?) well done Sid.

Glowing report and slides from our fantastic Webmaster, he even started to talk about putting the directory on line (Christ, if he does I shall have to get my Grandkids to teach me how to work a “Compuder”) We´ll done, Fabian keep it

going …. please note he has given us the chance to combine our club reports direct into the website, Gentlemen please take advantage of it.

A certain “Sir” John N. Bellwood took the floor and gave us the pleasure of reading, after carefully opening the envelope before our very eyes, yet another letter from Her Majesty the Queen of England and Commonwealth (I think she left Scotland out on purpose).A light hearted entertainment for us during the meeting.

Report from YAP came in written form because Past International president Christoph Haenssler was not able to be present. He gave also a rewarding a glowing report as to how this program is developing into more and more associations.  Also, looking for more money to cover convenors costs in their expensive duties. It has been suggested they should put in a resolution, to be decided at a future AGM

We then proceeded with the only topic to which we had to vote at this year’s AGM and that was the important decision as to whom should be the next International Vice President 2019-2020, applications had been received by India and Italy. A secret vote was made and was decided to give the choice to Italy. Discussing afterwards this most people found to be fair because Italy’s last President, Randolph was 10 years ago.

The HYM in 2019 will be held in Malta

We have received applications for affiliation to our association from Portugal, Hungary, New York / USA and Brazil

The Italians as ever made a tremendous presentation for the upcoming HYM in Rimini which will be held from 27th till the 29th October 2017, this will become even more interesting because Italy has already stated that Luca Colombo will be the Vice President for 41 International and at this very meeting he will be officially inducted. (Luca, be careful this may be painful)

The next AGM will be held from 27th – 29th April in Pörtschach /Austria 

We than had a superb presentation from the HYM organisation for Marrakech in Morocco which will be held from 12th till 14th October 2018

This was followed by a round of reports from each individual Organisation; these will be listed in the Minutes so I do not propose to talk in full about them here. However only to state that a comment came from the floor that these reports could in future be in printed form; (these would certainly fill Sid’s Communique!!)

Then came the report from a glorious year from “Notre Prèsident” Engelbert Friedsam, 22 countries were visited personally by him and his board. “We are Tablers “was his motto which has most probably brought us all nearer than ever together in RT and 41 Club, and this is just the beginning.  He went onto relate his experiences and successes over these turbulent 12 months. I feel he has achieved all the high goals he had set for himself and above all been a tremendous example for future Presidents who will now follow him. Thank you Engelbert, you came, you saw and you conquered. Engelbert, thanks that you were our President in 2016-2017.

Bruce McKay will now be the next President who gave, after a short very emotional “hiccup”, followed by a “Top-Up” of snaps from the Beat Berger distillery, he was then able to give his ideas for the next year under his command. The only changes in the Board will be First Lady Tania and of course Ulrich Suppan moving in as Vice President and Luc Trigaux coming in as VP Elect, Makarios will leave after 4 active and memorial years as a Board member. Thanks go to you Makarios not only as we said last year for your Presidential activities but also your work as Past President in Extension.

Bob Parton

8.May 2017

Honorary member 41International

Past National President Old Tablers Germany 2005/2006